Ann Rainey, M.S, Ed.S. is the founder of this website. She has three work passions: recovery, reconstruction therapy and experiential therapy. A Licensed Counselor and Certified Addictions Counselor in Missouri, Ann was one of a handful of therapists chosen by Sharon Cruse to learn the art of Family Reconstructions. She has facilitated reconstructions since 1992. She lives in Kansas City Missouri.

Sharon Wegsheider Cruse is a pioneer in the addictions field. She has brought healing and hope to families of alcoholics and helped found the adult children of alcoholics movement. She was mentored by Virginia Satir in the 1970s and 1980s. Acutely aware of the special needs and suffering that addiction brings, she added to and expanded the scope of Family Reconstruction with more emphasis on emotions and support systems. She was the founder of Onsite Workshops which still provides experiential therapy in Tennessee. Her husband, Joe Cruse, was the first Medical Director of the Betty Ford Center. He has promoted recovery as a good role model and as an author and speaker. Both are retired and live an active retirement in Colorado.

Virginia Satir was a pioneer in family therapy and a strong female in a man’s world of the mid twentieth century. Among many contributions to family therapy, she was an author, teacher, international speaker and theorist. With her ideas of positive belief in people and their ability to change , she advocated self- esteem and healing in multigenerational family systems. Family Reconstruction was a technique of examining families to promote healing systems. She was known for her warmth, kindness and sense of humor. She died in 1988.

Libby Leinweber, LCSW is the owner of Arizona Family Therapy in Tucson Arizona. She has a special gift of working with tough issues such trauma, abuse, death and dying, and she does that work with kindness and generosity. In 2008, she brought Family Reconstruction to Tucson believing in the powerful process of healing for her clients. She is coproducer of the film, The Power of Reconstruction.

Barbara Larew-Adams, LCSW, has been clinical director of Onsite Workshops, Cumberland Heights and the Recovery Ranch, all in the Nashville Tennessee area. Trained in reconstruction, she specializes and acts as a supervisor of programs and a consultant to family programs in treatment centers. She lives with her husband, Al Adams, a gifted psychodramatist, in Greencastle Pennsylvania.